Do you live alone, and would like to feel more secure?

Do you see security company signs in front of your
neighbors and are wondering what you should do?

Would you like to be able to check in on your home from
anywhere... using your smartphone? (Did you know you
can also do this with no monthly charges?)

If you decide to install cameras, is it better to hide them or
have them visible? And, is there a way to set them up so
no one but you can see inside your place?

If you're away, would you like to be able to check what
happened around your home over the last few days?

You got a flier for a free security system... what's it NOT
telling you?

I have many customers who call me after the fact.

That's too late to help with something that just happened.

There are many options in home security. You don't have to sign a
three year contract with some company, when all you wanted was to
secure your home and be able to check on it from anywhere.

For example, if you already have:
1) Wireless internet in your home, and
2) A smartphone with internet access

Here are some options:

Do you have
one room (or
that you want
to view?

$99 installed.

Want to watch
two rooms?

$149 installed.

Want to record every
front door visitor...
and/or get a text when
one arrives?

$149 installed.. and no monthly charges!

Whether you want a simple camera setup, a
full multi-camera 'record 24/7' system, a
noisy alarm when someone breaks in, or just
some decision advice... I can help.

Contact me today!

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...or when a
package is

You can even check on
the package anytime...
and then call a
neighbor to pick it up
for you if you won't be
home for a few hours!

(Click to watch video.)

When a solicitor
comes to your

Your greatroom, your
backyard, and the
coyote out front? :)

$199 installed.

And there are no monthly charges!