My fee?

$99 for a few hours of work...

Computer work also includes removing any software asking for
'renewal' money and replacing it with something better... and free.

If you need parts, I'll show you where you can get them cheap. I'll
come back and install them at no additional charge.

If you need security stuff, I'll help you decide what type of setup
would be best for you and tell you what you should order. When it
arrives, I'll head back over and help you set it up... and teach you
how to use it!
Just want a simple camera setup? Choose one of the 'packages'
on the security page. That includes a camera AND my fee!

Many of my customers started by having me help them with their
computer... and when they asked me if I knew anything about their
TV... I helped them with that too. Now a number of my computer
clients see me check my home on my cellphone and then ask me
to set that up for them.

Need a geek?

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