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I'm a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, an A+ Certified computer technician, and just as important: I speak newbie.

If your computer is doing strange things, or it's really slow, or your internet is really slow, or you just got a renewal notice on your $49/year anti-virus and you're tired of paying that...

If it's time for a new computer, but you don't know what to buy and you'll need your old files saved and moved...

In one afternoon (or morning) we can usually fix all the problems. If you need parts, I'll show you where to buy them... cheap. If you need a new computer, I'll help you with that choice.

I can show you how to do things easier, and can teach you how to keep your computer running smoothly.

I can help!

Do you live alone, and would like to feel more secure?

Would you like to be able to check in on your home from anywhere... using your smartphone? (And do this with no monthly charges?)

I can teach you if it's better to hide cameras or have them visible. I can set them up so no one but you can see inside your place.

I can set up a system that will let you check on what happened around your home over the last few days. From anywhere.

Which system is best for your needs?

I can help!

Your cable bill keeps going up. You may want to 'cut the cord'.
What channels will you have? Can you record something to watch later?
You bought a 4K TV, but the picture doesn't look like it did in the store.
The picture looks fine, but it's supposed to be surround-sound... and it's not. What's wrong?
Do you live alone and would love to be able to see what's outside... while watching TV?
Is your old clunker ready to retire, and you're thinking of getting a new TV... but have no idea what to look for? What's the difference between LCD, HD, 1080p, 4K... and what do you need?
I can help!

I 'm Dave.

I know computers. I started working on them with my Atari 400. When I first moved to Arizona in 1991, I sold electronics at some nationally known office supply stores. There I learned which brands are good, which to avoid, what parts are replaceable, when to upgrade...

I know electronics. I can tell you if what you have can be upgraded, and if not, what your options are. If it will cost you more to repair something than buy a new one, I'll recommend an item, then help you get it set up.

As for home security, I've helped neighbors, friends, police officers and entire communities keep the bad guys away.

I've tutored celebrities, helped TV reporters, told pro golfers what NOT to buy, and worked with hundreds of people who just wanted honest answers.

I can help! Contact me today!

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