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There are many options in home security. You don't have to sign a
three year contract with some company, when all you wanted was to
secure your home and be able to check on it from anywhere.

For example, if you already have:
1) Wireless internet in your home, and
2) A smartphone with internet access

Here are some options:

Whether you want a simple camera setup, a full eight-camera
'record 24/7' system, a noisy alarm when someone breaks in,
or just some decision advice... I can help.

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Secure your home with a system that when it detects
motion, it sounds a loud alarm and calls you.
You then click a button on your smartphone to see
what's there.
- Is it your cat or dog? Ignore it.
- Is it a bad guy? Call the police... and send them a
photo of the perpetrators!
(Although, odds are they'll choose someone else and
bypass your home altogether!)

Systems start at $149 installed, and like the cameras
above, there are no monthly charges!

Want a system that will scare the bad guys
away... and make your neighbors jealous?
Do you have
one room (or
that you want
to view?

$129 installed.

Want to watch
two rooms?

$199 installed.

$149 installed.

Want to record every
front door visitor...
and/or get a text
when one arrives?