I'm a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, an A+ Certified
computer technician, and I understand newbies.

I know computers. I created a computer matchmaking company
from scratch, then expanded it to 51 cities. When I first moved to
Arizona in 1991, I sold electronics at some nationally known office
supply stores. There I learned which brands are good, which to
avoid, what parts are replaceable, when to upgrade...

I know electronics. I can tell you if what you have can be upgraded,
and if not, what your options are. I don't make a commission on
anything, since I don't sell anything. All I do is advise, fix, get
working again.

As for home security, I've helped neighbors, friends, police officers
and entire communities keep the bad guys away.

I've tutored celebrities, helped TV reporters, told pro golfers what
NOT to buy, and worked with hundreds of people who just wanted
honest answers.

I'm Dave.
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